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Technical Infrastructure and Utilities

Technical Infrastructure of the Company includes:

Multi-process column and boom manipulator CB-R 5x6 with Lincoln traveling base

A column and boom manipulator is used for automated submerged arc welding. It is mounted on a traveling base moving on rails and equipped with an anti-overturn system. A concept of modular design allows for full customization by using the standard components. It provides a good quality of performed joints while minimizing the time required for welding of different parts of the structure.

- Vertical operating range of the boom: 5000 mm (position of the burner ca. 830 to 5830 mm);
- Horizontal operating range of the boom: 6000 mm;
- Total machine height: 7800 mm;
- Column turning range: 360° (manual), with lock;
- Travel speed of the boom: 200 to 2000 mm/min;
- Travel speed of the base: 200 to 2000 mm/min;

4-roll hydraulic rolling machine AKYAPAK

Technical data:
- Working length - 3100mm,
- Maximum thickness of rolled material - 68 mm,
- Maximum thickness of material while pre-bending (rolling without allowances) - 40mm
- Diameter of the upper roll - 540mm,
- Diameter of the bottom roll - 440mm,
- Diameter of side rolls - 500mm
- Range of performed diameters – inner diameter Ø 594 - 5400mm,

Aforementioned parameters for steel with ultimate strength Rm = 400N/mm2. For execution of cones, all bending parameters must be reduced by 50%, wherein the small diameter of the truncated cone cannot be less than 810 mm.

Plasma oxygen and flame cuting machine 3D-VX HQ Speed- STIGAL

The machine is designed for contour cutting of metal sheets using one or more plasma or oxygen torches. What distinguishes the machine from the others is a combination of a steel chassis covered with channel bar and the lightest, highly durable at the same time, ribbed portal made of aluminum alloys. Such a sophisticated combination ensures great rigidity, high acceleration and excellent reproduction of the shapes of cut pieces throughout its entire, long-term operating period.

Shears for cutting sheet CNC HVR 3100X13

Cutting width 3100 mm Max. thickness of cutting plate grade S235 till 13 mm, stainless steel 8 mm.

Press brake CNC HAP 3100X300 with the load 300 ton

Plasma cutting machine TELEREX TXB 10500 of ESAB to underwater cutting.

Max thickness of steel plater is 70 mm.

Long: 36 m
Width: 12 m

Folding rollers of HUGH SMITH till thickness. 75 mm

  • compressed air line - screw compressor Boge SD 60-2 with efficiency of 7 m3/min with the pressure of 8 bar,
  • fluid oxygen gassing station LOX, cryogenic tank Gyro - AB type 33VCSP-18 capacity 3,3 m with the inside installation on the production hall,
  • fluid carbon dioxide gassing station LCO2, cryogenic tank AGA Gyro typ. 110 VCSP, cap. 11 m3 with the inside installation on the production hall,
  • engine-powered lift truck - weighting capacity 3 ton..

Lathe BERNARDO Titan 660 x 2000

- fast stroke system,
- mechanical multi-plate clutch,
- digital 3-axis display,
- MULTIFIX system

- Sleeve separation: 2000 mm
- Sleeve height: 330 mm
- Rotation diameter over the bed: 660 mm
- Rotation diameter over the cavity: 900 mm
- Rotation diameter over the sled: 460 mm
- Bed width: 400 mm
- Spindle bore: 105 mm
- Rotation speed range: (16) 25 - 1600 rpm
- Longitudinal stroke range: (25) 0,044 - 1,480 mm/rotation
- Transverse stroke range: (25) 0,022 - 0,740 mm/rotation
- Metric thread: (54) 0,45 - 120 mm
- Imperial thread: (54) 7/16 - 80 Gg/1"
- Sleeve diameter: 90 mm
- Sleeve stroke: 235 mm

Universal lathe BERNARDO UWF 150

The machine can execute strokes in all planes (front-back, right-left, up-down). The digital display supporting all three axes facilitates work of the operator. The Bernardo UWF 150 universal lathe is also equipped with a universal head, rotating at 2x360 degrees. The lathe is also equipped with a horizontal spindle and a moving arm, with a head up to 780 mm. The cutting table dimensions are 1650x360 mm, enabling long objects to be cut.

- Table dimensions: 1650 x 360 mm
- Stem grip, horizontal: ISO 50
- Stem grip, vertical: ISO 50
- Stem rotation speed, horizontal: (12) 58 - 1800 rpm
- Stem rotation speed, vertical: (12) 60 - 1750 rpm
- Longitudinal stroke (x): 1350 mm
- Transverse stroke (y): 290 mm
- Vertical stroke (z): 390 mm
- Stem / table distance: 160 - 550 mm
- Stem / column distance: 230 - 900 mm
- Longitudinal / transverse stroke: (8) 22 - 420 / (8) 22 - 393 mm/min
- Vertical stroke: (8) 6 - 112 mm/min
- Fast x, y, z axis stroke: 1290 / 1208 / 513 mm/min

Heavy lathe TAURUS TRD 90 / 3m

- max. cutting diameter over the bed: 880 mm
- max. cutting diameter over the support: 660 mm
- max. cutting diameter with bridge selection: 1340 mm
- cutting length with bridge selection: 600 mm
- metric thread: 1÷56 mm
- imperial thread: 1/2÷28 TPI
- modular thread: 0,25÷14 MP
- thread D. P.: 0,2÷112 D. P.
- longitudinal stroke: 0,042÷2,4 mm/rotation
- transverse stroke: 0,02÷1,2 mm/rotation
- transverse stroke: 670 mm
- transverse stroke: 145 mm
- tailstock bushing protrusion: 200 mm
- bed height: 680 mm
- bed width: 880 mm

Production Facility

Production is conducted within the area of the former Stocznia Szczecińska (Szczecin Shipyard), where our company is at disposal of a production hall with total area of 2500 m2, two gantry cranes, each characterised by 12.5 tons of lifting capacity, 6 pcs of local lifts at welding posts. The hall is adjacent to a yard, area: 2000 m2.

Structures can be loaded from a quay operated by two cranes, each with the lifting capacity of 50 tons. Max lifting capacity 450 tons. The depth of the river at the quay is 8 m. We can get ships about lenght 150 m at the quay.



Anticorrosive protection

The Company has an chambers designated for the performance of shot blasting. Sand-blast cleaning and painting is done in shot-blasting chambers, area: 850 m2 and painting chambers, area: 490 m2

Additionally we have a cooperation agreement for the implementation of painting works and the usage of professional equipments for the anticorrosive protection of structures.

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