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Saturday, 22.02.2020 13:19


Buoyancy Tanks

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In March this year, production halls of Cermar Industry (Szczecin) has completed the construction of a structure of type offshore Buoyancy Tanks. The structure was completed in whole in Szczecin. Two floaters with dimensions H = 42 m (height), W = 31 m (width) and a diameter of 3.6 metres weighed 500 tons each. The offshore structure was built on the basis of supply of thick sheet metals from steel plant Evraz Vitkovice in grades S355G10+N, S420G2+M EN 10225. Sheet metals met the requirements of Norsok M-120 rev. 5 Y20 and Y30 option 12, 18 + CTOD. Supply of sheet metals was made in accordance with the schedule and budget. Meeting the delivery times of sheet metals allowed for faster delivery of Buoyancy Tank of two weeks before the scheduled date of completion of the task. Construction in Cermar Industry went smoothly thanks to the rollers used for rolling sheet metal as well as the automatic welder machine for welding under flux with a welding boom and turnover. This is another design for the offshore market with such a large size built by Cermar Industry.

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