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Global Engineering Solution Partner

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Cermar Industry

Since the company moved, is specializing in manufacturing steel constructions offshore made of carbon steels and also Duplex type stainless steels.

We have a highly qualified management and technical team. The majority of them are well educated engineers of diverse specializations with years of experience through realizing contracts located domestically and abroad.

The production staff in the workshop is highly skilled which is proofed by obtained skills certifications issued by institutions such as the Polish Registry of Ships or even Germanischer Lloyd Registry with its headquarters in Hamburg. All orders are carried out based on an internal quality system and also accordingly to the reception norms of clients, ship-owners or third party inspection bodies.

There is no order that can be too small or too large for us. We are not afraid to undertake difficult projects. Our main aim is to be a partner to our clients by working together to find solutions to engineering problems that best suit the client, and through always ensuring the highest standards of excellence in every aspect from receiving the order to its completion. Our philosophy is captured by our slogan: "Global Engineering Solution Partner".
Every project Cermar Industry undertakes is completed with the upmost precision and care by the finest engineering craftsmen.

The latest implemented projects include:

  • 2,000 T Foundation 2 off – 70 ton each,
  • Bridge steel construction, Struga Street, Szczecin- 1054 tons,
  • Module container 8X8X18 m – 120 ton,
  • Pipelines & Platforms for iron and steel plant - 204 tons,
  • Container module 4X8X8,8m - 20 tons,
  • Burners for drilling platforms 28m, 20 ton each,
  • Pipe crane for platforms with 25 m span,
  • Series of rotary foundations - 85 ton,
  • Series of underwater hatchways 30 ton,
  • Constructions of airport buildings, ferry ramps, railway ramp towers - 1000 ton,
  • Construction of road steel bridge - 270 ton,
  • Steel hall construction - 60 ton,
  • Offshore frames for construction protection - 210 ton and offshore containers - 250 ton,
  • Straw combustion plant line - 42 ton,
  • Furnace for aluminum heat treatment - 37 ton.

Production Capacity

Presently our yearly production program is as follows:

  • offshore constructions - 5000 ton,
  • footbridge and bridge constructions - 3500 ton,
  • industrial constructions -1000 ton.

Production is conducted in two shift system, which results in 30000 working hours monthly.

Hydraulic actuator and electricals

On 23rd September 2014 GS Hydro Sp. z o.o. located in Gdynia, ul. Gołębia 11, 81-185 and Cermar Industry Sp. z o.o. z, ul. Sienna 5a/2, 70-542 Szczecin signed a mutual cooperation agreement.

GS Hydro is a company operating in the field of parts supplies and installation of hydraulic actuators and electricals for harbour, off-shore and land-based sectors.

Cermar Industry provides off-shore steel frameworks made of carbon steels and stainless steels, including Duplex steel, and it has business partners interested in expansion of their services portfolio with hydraulic actuators and electricals systems installations in products provided by Cermar Industry.

„Global Engineering Solution Partner”

We want to comply with the requirements of our customers

No orders too small or too large for us.
We are not afraid of difficult implementation.

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