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Sunday, 12.07.2020 15:29
Introduction to Health and Safety


General regulations

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1Obligation of unconditional compliance with Safety at Work regulations, including fire fighting regulations.

2In order to minimize fire hazard, smoking is strictly prohibited at the area of the company.

3It is strictly forbidden to bring and use alcoholic beverages, intoxicants or psychotropic drugs at the area of the company. In case of suspecting intoxication or in case of positive result of a breathalyzer test, such persons will be asked to leave the company area immediately, and the works may be stopped.

4In scope of pedestrian and vehicle traffic the valid regulations of the road traffic and the following general rules shall apply:

  • top speed of vehicles, according to marking is 7km/h,
  • parking vehicles exclusively in designated areas,
  • pedestrian traffic should take place exclusively on designated routes.

5It is forbidden to move in danger zones which are designated and marked.

6Obligation to obey the regulations and standards of Cermar Industry considering environment protection. All persons working at the area of the Cermar Industry are obliged to conduct their works in such way as to produce as little waste material as possible. Hazardous waste (e.g. used oils, poisons, etc.) shall be either used by a worker in accordance with the provisions of law in force or their usage shall be agreed with a supervisor. In case of doubts in scope of the waste handling each time consult your Cermar Industry supervisor.

7Food consumption is only allowed in especially designated rooms – it is forbidden to consume meals in open space. Work place must always be clean and put in order on regular basis.

HSE - Brochure

For Guests and Service Providers at the area of Cermar Industry

The priorities of Cermar include ensuring the safety of the persons staying at the company's area. Everyone working (including Contractors and Guests) is obliged to follow work safety regulations as not to create menace to him or her or to others. Every worker has the right and is obliged to undertake immediate preventive actions including immediate work stoppage in case of noticing actions threatening life or health.

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