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International Business Intelligence Creditreform on the 16.10.2014 carried out a survey of creditworthiness of our company. We are pleased to inform, that overall assessment of the financial condition of our company, especially the ability to repay all the liabilities in time, was assessed as good and our company gained the prestigious Certificate of Payment Trustworthiness published in

The authenticity of the Certificate can be checked by clicking on a link:

International Business Intelligence Creditreform was established in 1879 in Germany and is one of three biggest organisations in the World which deal with the assessment of creditworthiness of companies as well as debt collection and the management of liabilities.

Business Reliability Certificate 2017

Business Reliability Certificate 2016

"Business Reliability Certificate – Awarded for the highest evaluation of company stability in 2014 according to Bisnode Polska sp. z o.o.

D-U-N-S: 367448995

Bisnode Polska, an international economic intelligence agency, estimates reliability and stability of companies on the basis of:
- an analysis of payment morality according to the Bisnode International Payment Monitor programme
- an analysis of financial indices of the most recent, available financial reports
- the biggest database of corporate and personal relationships in Poland".

CERMAR INDUSTRY SP. Z O.O. (NIP 9552062819) won the Golden Payer Competition in 2015, organised by Euler Hermes Collections, leader in property management. Golden Payer 2015 is a prestigious award for maintaining the highest standards to of payment discipline, awarded to companies meeting all of the following criteria:

- PMI over 80 points***,
- Rating higher than CCC,- Lack of outstanding dues.

Only 5% of companies on Polish market meets the aforementioned criteria, which means that the Golden Payer 2015 Certificate is an elite award, confirming reliability of the company.

*** PMI (Payment Morality Index) is a dynamic index providing an important indication for decision making related to grating a commercial loan to the given partner. This index is calculated taking into account dues paid by the participants, the average number of days of delay in payments, as well as legal events related do the given partner.

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