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CERMAR Sp. z o.o. company was established in 1993. Our first office was situated in production halls located in Trzebież at Szczecin Bay. Our main field of activity was unitary production of small motor fishing boats for fishing in the Baltic Sea and Szcecin Bay.

These were mainly small steel constructions. Simultaneously we were expanding our activity in scope of the delivery of various deck accessories for the shipbuilding. Since 1995 the company has been cooperating with one of the greatest polish shipyards, Holding Stoczni Szczecińskiej S.A., and then Stocznia Szczecińska Nowa Sp. z o.o. in Szczecin. Within the years 1995-2003 Cermar implemented dozens of contracts for the shipyard industry.In order to facilitate the realization of deliveries for the main clients in 2000 we moved our office and the production to Szczecin.

In 2003 the company added to their offer offshore steel constructions, general building and bridge structures, as well as the construction of pipelines and furnaces for metallurgical and power industries. In order to enlarge the overall dimensions of the produced constructions we have moved the production to the production halls located at the Oder River, with a direct access to the berth. This enables the usage of the sea transport during the realization of our deliveries worldwide.

Our managerial and technical staff consists of highly qualified engineers with various specializations and long-lasting experience in the implementation of engineering projects. This enables development of the cooperation with our contractors in the country, and above all abroad.

Chrobry Boulevard

Wulkan Shipyard

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Thanks to high skills and qualifications of our employees our company has been awarded the certificates:

All the orders are implemented based on the company system of quality control and preservation, as well as the receptions of contractors and qualification committees (PRS, GL, DNV, ABS, BV, LRS). At our constructions we are applying painting systems based on Norsok M-501 standard. At the end of 2011 the company changed its name, which now shall read Cermar Industry Sp. z o.o.

At the beginning of 2012 we moved our business and the production facilities to the area of the then Stocznia Szczecińska, where we can use production halls and gantry cranes with weighting capacity up to 450 tons with a direct access to the 8 m. deep berth. We believe these changes will bring many advantages and our activity will result in many project implementations for our clients in order to meet their requirements and to be...

„...Global Engineering Solution Partner”

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We are not afraid of difficult implementation.

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