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About company

Since the company moved, is specializing in manufacturing steel constructions offshore made of carbon steels and also Duplex type stainless steels.

We have a highly qualified management and technical team. The majority of them are well educated engineers of diverse specializations with years of experience through realizing contracts located domestically and abroad.

Presently our yearly production program is as follows:

  • offshore

    Offshore constructions 5 000 tons

  • konstrukcje mostów i kładek

    footbridge and bridge constructions 3 500 tons

  • konstrukcje przemysłowe

    Industrial constructions 100 tons

Production is conducted in two shift system, which results in 30000 working hours monthly.

Transport services


We have a transport platform for the transport of oversized design with the following technical parameters:

  • Capacity of 300 tons,
  • Dimensions 8m x 2m x 16m,
  • Transport height 1600mm,
  • The transporter has a 7-axis swivel on each axis with eight wheels
  • Lifting range 1600mm to 2300 mm,
  • Radius turn 11,1m,
  • The opportunity to drive sideways,
  • Take weight 80 tons.

We offer transport services in the former shipyard in Szczecin, Szczecin ul. A. Antosiewicza 1.


Our projects

Own design office

We are experts in designing of mechanical, steel structure, elements of process plant and handling equipment for shipping, mining, off-shore and general industrial sectors of business.


Our certificates


  • Two assembly and production halls.
  • 80T crane (2x40T + 2x10T).
  • Two 12.5T cranes each.
  • Assembly yard with a gantry, 450T capacity (Wulkan), 300T capacity (Odra) and ramp cranes 32-80T with wharf access.
24 000 000 obrotu rocznie 24 000 000
yearly turnover
30 000 roboczogodzin w miesiącu 30 000 working hours
in a month
26 lat doświadczenia na rynku 26 years of experience
on the market
100 wykwalifikowanych pracowników 100 qualified

Our clients